Our House Waingroves Ltd

"Our House, Our Home, Our Way"

We are a small, family-owned care home, supporting five Autistic and Learning Disabled people aged 18 -65.


Our House Waingroves Ltd will provide individual support that is driven by a commitment to improve a person’s quality of life in every way possible. This means we always put the needs and wishes of people we support at the centre of all we do. We do not use language which stereo-types. The people who live at Our House are referred to as Housemates and will be treated as equals in all activities within their home.


Our House will provide care and support that is grounded in core values of compassion and respect. We recognise the potential for enjoying a better quality of life living at Our House offers and we will create opportunities for our Housemates to experience new learning and take more control of their lives. To this aim every Housemate will be supported to develop  their own support plan together with their friends and relatives if they so wish and participate in regular evaluations. Our Housemates and their relatives  with our care team work together  to ensure  all opinions help shape support outcomes.
We will  encourage the development of life-skills and greater meaningful contact with our local community, so our housemates are accepted as equal members of the community of which they live.

We  acknowledge and respect an individual’s uniqueness and will encourage expression of this in all aspects of a Housemate’s life wherever possible. This will be re-enforced by focused staff training and use of appropriate Intensive Interaction which is an approach for supporting Autistic and Learning Disabled  people. to improve their skills and better communicate with others.

As a result we will support the development of both verbal and non-verbal communication for all Housemates in their preferred method. We will work closely with Speech and Language therapists when required in order to enable us to support Housemates to improve their communications skills. Each Housemate will therefore have their own individual Communication Passport which will contain detailed information designed to ensure that support staff learn the best way to communicate with a Housemate.

We understand that sometimes, communication difficulties may lead to behaviour that is considered challenging and we teach our staff to recognise and accept that this is a form of communication and has a function.  . Our team is committed to delivering  positive behaviour support when a situation requires  it.

All our staff will be trained in the ‘RESPECT’ approach,  an accredited training course in Behaviours that Challenge provided by Sherwood Training Ltd This is accredited by The British Institute for Learning Disabilities and The Restraint Reduction Network which focuses on preventing the need for physical interventions.  Our Support plans  contain guidance and advice so staff can help housemates manage their behaviours.

At Our House we have a detailed review process of incidents reports to guarantee that we are providing the best support to our housemates in the least restrictive way. We aim to support housemates in distress to move quickly towards a calm and less anxious state of mind.   .

As part of this process we conduct an incident debrief to learn lessons from Behaviours of Concern. The lessons learned help shape staff educaction and training requirements as well to help develop more personalised support for housemates when they are anxious.

We use a Quality Assurance System to make sure our day to day support is sensitive and responsive to housemates needs. We are driven by a total commitment to do our very best for the housemates we support so we quickly respond to any distress in a planned and professional way.

At Our House Waingroves Ltd, we believe that strong and consistent leadership forms the foundation to create and maintain a positive, skilled, caring and flexible team of support staff. The Registered Manager will work closely with the support team to guide and encourage understanding of each Housemate’s individual needs using our philosophy which recognises the five dimensions of self (Physical, Social, Emotional, Educational/Recreation and Aspirational)  We recognise that the relationship between Housemates and Support Leaders is fundamental to the  personal growth of the people we support. Therefore, the value placed upon our support team is of paramount importance to our organisation.

Our support team will be actively involved in discussions, sharing of ideas and decision making wherever possible. We believe that this inclusiveness together with strong leadership is the key to building a positive culture that values kindness, respect, understanding and compassion. These values are, above all, the central components in creating a model of care to be proud of, where everyone strives to help Housemates enjoy a better quality of life through kindness and understanding where all work in active partnerships to achieve Housemates aspiration’s and support goals.




Our staff team

Our staff team will receive all mandatory training as required and will also be supported to complete QCF diploma Level 2 or above. We will also identify and complete any extra training that will enable greater understanding of the Housemates we support. All staff will also complete the National Care Certificate  as part of their induction  to the home.

Staff will undertake the role of Achievement Champion for individual Housemates. Staff will focus upon personal achievements to help create an environment in which people celebrate achievement and personal growth rather than focusing upon behaviour ‘problems’ and failure. Our support plans and written evaluations will highlight areas of personal growth and achievement and we will share opportunities for celebrating achievement with families and professional alike. We believe our approach helps to build a Housemate’s self-esteem which will support  the development of an improved personal quality of their life.

 Description of services and facilities

The following services are provided at the Home’s location

Care home service without nursing

The following regulated activities apply to services provided by the home

Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care

Location where the regulated activities are provided

243 Church Street

243 Church Street





 01773 438227 e-mail office@ourhousewaingroves.com

The Home provides services for individuals with needs in the following areas

Learning disabilities
Autism Physical disabilities
Sensory Impairment

The following care and support services are provided by the home



Cerebral Palsy


Head/Brain injury

Auditory Impairment

Visual Impairment

Speech Impairment

Property Location

Our House is in Waingroves village opposite a community woodland. The house is on a bus route and is within walking distance of the local pub, church, shop and community centre. The local community hold a range of events throughout the year including the annual show and pantomime.. The nearby town of Ripley is two miles away and has a good mixture of shops, a local market, supermarket, doctors, dentist, community hospital, pubs, night clubs and restaurants.

The Physical Environment

Our House has 5 large bedrooms all with en-suite wet rooms, 3 separate living areas which include a living/dining room, cinema/sensory room and conservatory plus a large dining Kitchen. The property has 3 bedrooms’ downstairs (one wheelchair accessible) and 2 bedrooms upstairs. Both floors have a shared bathroom with the one downstairs benefiting from an air Jacuzzi bath whilst being suitable for anyone using a wheelchair. The property also has an office, staff room, medication room and storage room.

The sensory room is equipped with DVD’S and sensory equipment.

There is a full automatic fire alarm, sprinkler system and emergency lighting.

The outside of the property includes a patio and lawn and there is secure parking.

The garden area is fully accessible to a wheelchair user  as it comprises a ramp to all levels. There are textured dimple pavers at the top and bottom of the ramp, railings to the front door and along the whole ramp so people with a visual impairment can enjoy their of independence safely.

Individual Bedrooms and Personalisation

We will encourage and support all Housemates to personalise their bedroom, with this process beginning prior to moving to Our House. Each bedroom includes wardrobes, an en- suite wet room with shower controls that can even be adapted to suit individual skills and preferences. For example, if someone finds difficulty with their fine motor skills, a large dial can be fitted.

Keeping in Touch

Housemates  will be supported to keep in contact with family and friends using their preferred method. We have a cordless telephone enabling people to speak in the privacy of their own rooms. We can also provide access to Skype video calling, email or support people to write a letter. We can also support people to send pictures and updates to family and friends.

We will also have regular meetings with families as we recognise the value of family input, opportunity for feedback and sharing of ideas.

Any changes to the organisation and staffing will always be communicated to families.

Programme of activity – ‘My perfect week’

Each Housemate will have a person-centered support plan. This will detail likes and dislikes, important life history, social network and contacts, preferences for activities and hobbies, dreams and aims. Our support plans are centered around an Individuals emotional, social, recreational/educational and physical needs as well as their aspirations.

We encourage positive risk taking as a means of enabling growth and development. All person-centered plans will contain t Safer Support Plans which identify risk and how to support the housemate.

All staff will be aware of these and will support Housemates to build their unique Programme, enabling people we support to make progress towards the achievement of their chosen goals. Progress will be reviewed monthly and Housemate’s perceptions of their progress are sought to support the philosophy of ‘Nothing about us, without us.’

We believe that a varied and fulfilled activity Programme should consist of all elements of everyday living, learning or practicing new skills, participating in life skills  as well as enjoying a variety of recreational activities.

Privacy and Dignity

We will always respect individual’s privacy and dignity. This is embedded in the culture at Our House Waingroves Ltd.


All People we support have the right to be alone and undisturbed if they wish.

Personal rooms will have individual locks fitted and people we support will be provided with a key if they wish to have one and are able to use it.

Staff will not discuss the people we support with anyone who is not directly concerned with their welfare. Any professional discussions about individuals will be for the purposes of supporting and improving their care or safeguarding their human rights. We will always involve Housemates in discussions of the Assessing, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of their support as much as possible.

Housemates will always be offered privacy for personal discussions including phone calls. Records will be designed, used and stored to assure privacy. We will always adhere to the legislative controls over records, such as the Data Protection Act. We have a designated storage area and archive system for records.


Maintaining a Housemates dignity is central to the positive culture of Our House Waingroves Ltd. All our staff will be trained in this area and are Dignity Care Champions.
The Bedrooms, bathrooms and WCs will have functioning locking mechanisms on the doors.

Housemates who require personal care will have individual support plans which will always document any support required in this area. We strive to assist Housemates to be as independent as possible whilst managing their personal care.

Complaints and concerns

We believe that complaints provide us with an opportunity to learn and to do something better in the future. We welcome the raising of concerns and complaints as part of our continuous improvement.

The Registered Manager reviews all complaints and concerns on a monthly basis to ensure that they are satisfied that any actions to help us improve have been put into place.

This Registered Manager is responsible for acknowledging any complaint within 72 hours and responding to it within 21 days.

We will keep a written record of the concern or complaint and you are welcome to view this at any time.

If you feel that we have not provided you with a response you are happy with, please contact the Directors, Sarah Wyatt and Nick Seals at:

The Directors
Our House Waingroves LTD
Ashleigh Villa,
143 Tamworth Road,
Long Eaton,
NG10 1BY

If we are unable to satisfy your concerns, or if you feel that we have failed to provide you with an outcome you expect, please contact our inspectorate, The Care Quality Commission at:

Care Quality Commission
National Correspondence,
Newcastle upon Tyne        


Tel: 03000 616161,

Fax: 03000 616171

The people we support will be provided with their preferred communication methods to enable them to raise any concerns or complaints they may have. Regular meetings with key workers and the manager will also provide a forum for this.  


It may be that a Housemate  would benefit from someone external to the care provider and family to help them solve problems and discuss concerns. Housemates  will be supported to access advocacy services who can act in their best interests. The Registered Manager will be happy to provide information on local advocacy groups and other support networks.

Some of those currently known to us -

Derbyshire Advocacy Service
RTC Business Park
Kelvin House (Third Floor)
London Road

DE24 8UP

01332 206505
e-mail - derbyshireadvo@btconnect.com

Derbyshire Mind Advocacy Service

Albany House
Kingsway Hospital
DE22 3LZ

01332 623732

Contact Details for Our House Waingroves Ltd

Directors –


Sarah Wyatt and Nicholas Seals

Our House Waingroves Ltd

Ashleigh Villa,
143 Tamworth Road,
Long Eaton,
NG10 1BY

Telephone 01773 438227 e-mail – sarah.wyatt@ourhousewaingroves.com


Manager –


Penny Goodwin and Karen Tait

243 Church Street





Telephone 01773 438227 e-mail penny.goodwin@ourhousewaingroves.com and karen.tait@ourhousewaingroves.com

Nominated Individual –

Dr Tom Tait

243 Church Street






Telephone 01773 438227 e-mail tom.tait@ourhousewaingroves.com


Company Ownership/Legal Entity


Company number 10296598

Registered office address - Ashleigh Villa, 143 Tamworth Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, United Kingdom, NG10 1BY


Company status - Active


Company type - Private Limited Company


Incorporated on - 26 July 2016

55900 - Other accommodation

87900 - Other residential care activities not elsewhere classified

Other documents

You are invited to review the latest CQC inspection report on Our House Waingroves Ltd, and the latest summary of our Housemates we support and their families views on the services offered.

Copies will also be available from the Manager at any time.

Reviewed and updated August 2022  by Tom Tait , Operations Director and Sarah Wyatt, Director