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Choosing a care home for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting process. Here are some questions that may be helpful: -


1. What is the staff ratio? It is crucial to understand the level of individual attention and support you or your loved one will receive. Ask about the number of staff members available during the day and night shifts.


2. What qualifications and training do the staff members have? Inquire about their experience in working with Autistic adults and any specialised training they have received. Ask if the staff receive ongoing training to stay updated on best practice.


3. How is the daily routine structured? Understanding the daily schedule will help you assess how well it aligns with you or your relative’s needs and preferences. Ask about the availability of structured activities, personal goals, and opportunities for social interaction.


4. What behavioural support strategies are in place? Inquire about the behavioural support plans and strategies implemented within the residential home. Ask about how they support people when they are distressed, how they promote positive behaviour, and how they communicate progress.


5. How is communication with relatives facilitated? Establishing effective communication channels with the care home is vital. Ask about the frequency and mode of communication they use to keep relatives informed about progress, activities, and any concerns that may arise.


6. What recreational and leisure activities are provided? Inquire about the availability of recreational and leisure activities that cater to you or your relative’s interests and abilities. Ask if they have specialised programs or therapies that can support your relative’s development and well-being.


7. How are medical needs and medication management handled? If your relative has specific medical needs or requires medication, ask about the protocol followed by the home. Understand how they coordinate with medical professionals and ensure the safety and well-being of your relative.


8. How do they promote socialisation and community? Inquire about opportunities for you or your relative to spend time with peers, participate in community activities, or access local resources. Understanding how the care home supports social time can help determine if it aligns with you or your relative's social needs.


9. What are the safety and security measures in place? Ask about the safety protocols, emergency preparedness plans, and the physical security of the residential home. Ensure that the environment is secure, well-maintained, and equipped to handle any emergencies.


10. Can they provide references from other Housemates, parents or guardians? Request references from relatives who have a family member living in the care home. Speaking with other Housemates and Relatives can give you valuable insights and help you make an informed decision. Remember, every person’s needs are unique, so tailor these questions based on you or your relative’s specific requirements and priorities.


Finally, don’t be afraid to visit more than once and choose a different time to visit. Ask further questions if you feel this will help you. At Our House we actively encourage you to take your time, ask as many questions as you need to enable you to make an informed decision.


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